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When is the Best Time to Treat Spiders? Things to Consider.

Posted May 6, 2024 by Sarah Malone

Category: Advice, Spiders

Australia is known for its eight-legged friends and these can be commonly found within our homes. Some people embrace their presence, while others believe that the only good spider is a dead one. If you…Read More

Australia’s Deadly Spider Myth: Separating Fact from Fiction

Posted June 8, 2023 by Sarah Malone

Category: Spiders

Australia has for a long time been known for being home to some of the world’s most dangerous creatures. Among the fearsome beasts associated with this vast country, spiders often steal the spotlight. People often…Read More

Rain, Rain go away, I need my Pest Control done today!

Posted July 6, 2022 by Sarah Malone

Category: Advice, Spiders

Does the weather and rain affect your pest control treatment? Here’s everything you need to know. Lately the weather is so unpredictable and even the weather man is struggling to get it right but that…Read More

Do you know the difference between a Spider and a Mosquito Bite?

Posted July 29, 2020 by Sarah Malone

Category: Mosquitoes, Spiders
Mosquito vs Spider

Waking with a bite isn’t unusual in Australia’s environment but do you know how to identify if they need your immediate attention? Both types should be closely monitored to ensure that they heal and that…Read More

Pest problems in Dubbo

Posted April 10, 2020 by Sarah Malone

Category: Advice, Cockroaches, Rodents, Spiders, Termites
Man with a pest problems

We hate pests, and luckily you do too as it keeps us in a job. Dubbo isn’t special, every town or city in Australia, and the world for the that matter has it’s fair share…Read More