When is the Best Time to Treat Spiders? Things to Consider.

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Posted May 6, 2024 by Sarah Malone
Category: Advice, Spiders

Australia is known for its eight-legged friends and these can be commonly found within our homes. Some people embrace their presence, while others believe that the only good spider is a dead one. If you are one of those that prefers no spiders living with them than you may wonder when is the best time to treat for spiders? Winter or summer?

The Australian warm climate has always been the perfect breeding conditions for many spider species. This is because during this time their primary food source thrives and gives insects plenty to eat. With plenty of food comes an increase in pest activity with spiders searching for prey and setting up various breeding grounds. You may also notice that during this time you will encounter spiders inside seeking out the cooler temperatures and this is when you are most likely to notice them around the house.

The Advantage of Winter Time

Although summer is the main spider season, having your property treated in winter can also give you a few advantages. Such as:

The Advantage of Summer Time

Treating through the summer still does have its benefits.

Advantages of Treating Twice a Year

The ideal treatment of spiders around the house could be a combination of both seasons.

Every household has different needs and there are a few other factors to consider when picking what time is right for you:

It is important to also remember that a lot of Australian spiders can be beneficial and help keep other insect populations under control. If you can tolerate a few spiders consider relocating them outside. However, if you have young children, elderly or a higher than usual population professional treatments will help control them in your home.

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