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Nyngan Pest ControlThe number one Nyngan Pest Control firm. A new name with familiar technicians that you trust.  Pest Alert visits your area regularly and knows your community and the pests plaguing the region.

Our fully licensed Pest Alert technicians have been providing Nyngan pest control for over 30 years. We service residential, commercial, farms and industrial provide a range of pest control services including Termites, Ants, Spiders, Bed Bugs, Cockroaces, Wasps, Rats & Mice.

If you are buying a new home or upgrading the existing building call us now for a free quote on inspections and treatments. Our Pre-Purchase pest inspections are thorough, and our pre-construction treatments are highly effective.

Termites can be a real problem in Nyngan. We’re the specialists in both finding them and eradicating them. Don’t leave it to a firm who doesn’t know what they’re doing, talk to one of our termite experts today. You’re welcome to call our Operations Manager, Peter Packham on his mobile: 0439 464 966 for sound termite advice.

Nyngan NSW, post code: 2825.


  • Nyngan Termites Control
  • Nyngan Spiders Control
  • Nyngan Rodents Control
  • Nyngan Ants Control
  • Nyngan Fleas Control
  • Nyngan Cockroaches Control
  • Nyngan Bed-bugs Control

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