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Summerland Point & Gwandalan Pest Control, NSWFrom termites to rodents, Pest Alert are the Gwandalan pest control professionals. Our leading team of experts will remove any pest quickly, so you can get back to your life and family with little distraction.

We always treat both residential and commercial property with the utmost care and respect, making us your first choice for Gwandalan pest control. Termites? Our speciality. Spiders? They stand no chance. If you’re not sure if we control it, don’t hesitate to call: (02) 6884 7557. Our technicians are on hand to provide expert advice.

Termite management is important in Gwandalan. Yearly inspections are recommended, early detection could save up to tens of thousands of dollars in repair costs. Termites unfortunately leave little obvious signs of their destruction, quietly penetrating your walls. Damage can be extensive and expensive from one colony. The worst news to people who have found damage, is that most home insurance plans don’t cover such an ‘act of god’. As the Gwandalan termite management experts we know the best ways to protect your home and property.

Most spiders pose no threat, unfortunately there’s a deadly few that are common enough that they have to be controlled around your home. It doesn’t help Gwandalan is surrounded by forests. It’s not worth risking your children and pets who often find them. Kennels, play equipment, shoes and gardens are favourites for Sydney Funnel Web and Red Back Spiders. Have one of our experts treat your home with pet safe treatments at least once a year. You may notice them literally running away from your home afterwards!

Rats & mice are another problem around Gwandalan. No one wants to share their home with unwanted rodents – defecating and spreading disease. We provide highly effective treatments and the best advice in prevention. Put up with them no longer!

We’re also No. 1 for Ant, Bed Bug and Wasp control, using only the best products and industry leading methods.

  • Gwandalan Termites Control
  • Gwandalan Spiders Control
  • Gwandalan Rodents Control
  • Gwandalan Ants Control
  • Gwandalan Fleas Control
  • Gwandalan Cockroaches Control
  • Gwandalan Bed-bugs Control

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