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For Gulgong Pest Control, your first call should be the experts at Pest Alert. We’re Gulgong’s leading pest management company providing professional treatments with over 30 years knowledge in the region. We treat all pests with Termites being our speciality.

We’re the best for Gulgong Pest Control. Being an 1800’s gold rush town, Gulgong’s historical buildings have no built in termite protection. This, along with the surrounding forests makes the town white ant heaven. Our termite management plans are very effective, using only the best treatments and over 30 years of local knowledge on beating them. We offer many different treatments including non-invasive ones, which can treat the attacking termites and preserve the building which minimises further damage.

Need a pre-purchase pest inspection on a Gulgong property your looking at? Don’t be caught out by others who rush this process. The Pest Alert team are the best in their field and thorough. The last thing you’ll want after dropping hundreds of thousands on a home is to find out it’s being structurally gutted. Our technicians have saved customers tens of thousands of dollars at a time. Not to mention saving stress on the customer and their family.

Deadly Spiders pose a threat to your family! Especially children, the elderly and pets. Gulgong has it’s own fair share of some of the top deadly spiders such as Red Back. We often find them in children’s play equipment or behind furniture. Spiders are actually one of nature’s best bug managers but with many having toxins a treatment from Pest Alert is much safer and effective.

Pest Alert services residential, commercial, rentals, farms and much more and don’t charge extra to travel out of town. Being on rural land brings more insects in from bushlands and it is important to have a barrier applied to protect your family against unwanted visitors.

Call us now for a free quote or to discuss any pest control problems you may have.

Gulgong Spiders

Photo taken on a Gulgong client’s property showing a Trapdoor Spider’s door open & closed.


  • Gulgong Termites Control
  • Gulgong Spiders Control
  • Gulgong Rodents Control
  • Gulgong Ants Control
  • Gulgong Fleas Control
  • Gulgong Cockroaches Control
  • Gulgong Bed-bugs Control

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