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Summerland Point & Gwandalan Pest Control, NSWTurn to the Summerland Point Pest Control experts, Pest Alert, for all your bug problems! Our head technicians live in the area and know Summerland’s unique pest issues. The surrounding forests are beautiful but they also harbour destructive termites, yearly inspections are a must.

Our professional technicians are here to help you with your Summerland Point Pest Control problems. From seasonal pests to year-round invasions we’re big  enough to provide cutting edge solutions, yet small enough bring a personal touch to our services.

Do you suspect Termite or white ants in your home? Don’t delay, call a Pest Alert termite expert. We’re the authority on termite solutions. You may recognise the industry leading brands we use but it’s everything else, such as how their applied and handled that set us apart. Our experience and willingness to research new methods keeps us above the other garden variety “pest control” firms.

Rats & mice are another issue affecting Summerland Point. All can carry disease, and all can contaminate and deplete stored food. Not to mention they defecate and malt everywhere. Gross right? That’s why you go with fully licensed and experienced Pesties. Stop relying on supermarket grade treatments and let the Pest Alert rodent experts treat the problem right. We’ll also provide the best prevention tips for down the track. Stop feeding them and let us start eradicating them!

Purchasing a home in Summerland Point? Read about our pre-purchase pest inspections. They provide amazing value considering you could literally be buying an eaten out home. Termites affect 1 in 3 homes, and can cause immense financial and personal stress. Plus do you want your family living inside something not structurally sound?

Spiders are also in our backyards, roof voids, subfloors and other nooks and crannies in our homes. Don’t risk it with your family, especially small children and pets. Nasty ones like the red back spider and funnel web spider can be found everywhere. Regular treatments will drive them out for good.

  • Summerland Point Termites Control
  • Summerland Point Spiders Control
  • Summerland Point Rodents Control
  • Summerland Point Ants Control
  • Summerland Point Fleas Control
  • Summerland Point Cockroaches Control
  • Summerland Point Bed-bugs Control

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