Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection

Think Pest Alert for you Pre-Purchase pest inspection. When purchasing what can be one of your life’s biggest investments it is important to have both full Pest and Building Inspections carried out to ensure you know what you are buying with no hidden surprises down the track.

There can be mixed emotions when having an inspection carried out due to many major stories in the media regarding inadequate inspections carried out by various companies. This is why it is important to book a fully qualified and insured timber pest technician. Some Australian states require further training on top of the usual pest control licence to obtain these qualifications.

Pest Alert Technicians have been trained in termite location, identification and treatments for termites found in our area. We also work alongside of one of our region’s best Building inspectors Walton-smith consultants to give you peace of mind when purchasing your next property.

When purchasing a property the main focus is on termites however they are not the only pest to cause damage to your property. Pest Alert also reports back on borers, wood decay fungi and some moisture problems.

A Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Report (PPI) informs you of obvious termite infestations as well as things around the property that could encourage termite attack such as timber in contact with the soil, moisture problems or poor ventilation etc.

Visual termite inspections have limitations even when using modern equipment and imaging tools, as termites and borers tend to live inside timbers, logs, walls and building cavities it is not always easy to find evidence of their attack. If a concern is found a more thorough inspection can be carried out using bore scopes or by gaining access into these suspicious areas. Permission from the home owner would be sought first before carrying out an invasive inspection.

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Combined Building & Pest Inspections

As the leading Pre-Purchase Pest Control company we work closely with the regions best building inspectors. We highly recommend Walton Smith Consultants, together we can take the hassle out of organising your pest and building inspection. Feel free to call either company for an obligation free quote.

You can call Walton Smith Consultants on (02) 6882 8552, or find them on the web: