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Wasps at Home: A Guide to Avoiding Stings and Staying Safe

Posted January 23, 2024 by Sarah Malone

Category: Advice

Living in Australia means sharing our beautiful landscapes with diverse wildlife, including wasps. Though they play a helpful role in the ecosystem, wasps can become aggressive when threatened, making them unwelcome neighbours. This guide will…Read More

Understanding Termites: Are all termites destructive?

Posted December 6, 2023 by Sarah Malone

Category: Advice, Termites

Termites also known as ‘white ants’ are a social insect that help different ecosystems all over the world. However, here in Australia they have developed a bad reputation as timber destroyers and are an unwelcome…Read More

5 Tips to protect your kids from insects in the pool

Posted October 12, 2023 by Sarah Malone

Category: Advice

In Australia we are home to a wide variety of insects, unfortunately some these can be harmful to humans. This is especially true for children, who are more susceptible to insect bites and stings. If…Read More

Different Types of Termite Treatments

Posted September 15, 2023 by Sarah Malone

Category: Advice, Termites

When it comes to Termite Treatments on an exisiting building there are a variety of types of treatments and not all treatments work for each situation. As a qualified pest controller, it is our job…Read More

Spring Cleaning – How to start the season bug free!

Posted August 15, 2023 by Sarah Malone

Category: Advice

As we notice the warmer weather approaching, we all start heading back outdoors to enjoy the lively and vibrant season of spring. With flowers blooming, the warm sun and gardens coming back to life makes…Read More