Conquering Critters: Your Guide to Ant Control in Australian Homes

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Posted March 7, 2024 by Sarah Malone
Category: Advice, Ants

One of the most annoying visitors in Australian households are the tiny and persistent ant. Although ants play an important role in our ecosystem, having them invade your home can be a nuisance and can sometimes cause health risk. Luckily there are things you can do to help control ant infestations in your home.

Types of Ants:

Australia holds a wide range of ant species and each different type have their own behaviours. It is important to identify what type of ant that is invading your home to use the most effective treatment method. Some of the more common types found in homes are:

Prevention is Key:

It is always best to put steps in place to prevent ants from wanting to invade your home. Some ways to make your home less inviting are as follows:

Sometimes a natural approach can be enough to treat ants in your house before having to contact a professional. Some common solutions are:

If you find that the natural approach isn’t helping then it is time to call a professional. A professional will be able to identify the type of ant which helps with a more targeted treatment. In some cases, you can find the nest and treat it directly. A professional has access to safe and effective insecticides and can bait ants when a nest is not located at the time of the treatment. The ants will carry the bait back to their hidden nest to feed the rest of the colony.

When ever treating ants, yourself always read and follow instructions on any products purchased from the hardware store and keep these products out for reach of children and pets.

Ants are a migrating insect and new nests can form after treating old nests and further treatments may be required for these new nests.

If in doubt always contact a professional for further advice or check out our page on ants and help identifying them.