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Gilgandra spider treatment

For well over 30 years the Bonney & Packham families have protected homes and farms in the Gil area from insect pests and rodents. 

Termites are common in the Gilgandra Shire along with deadly mouse spiders. As a by product of successful farming, rodents reign supreme too.

White Ants

Gil has more than it’s fair share of beautiful heritage homes but unfortunately they are like a medium-rare scotch fillet to wood insects like Termites. We recommend yearly inspections to ensure termite activity is caught early. The longer it’s left the more likely you’ll need costly repairs in the future. Remember, most insurance cover doesn’t include termites.


Rain brings crops, and crops bring mice and rats. We have various options for eradication, just give us a call to discuss.


You might be careful around spiders, and know which ones are friends and which are foes, but most kids don’t respect how deadly some species of spiders are. It doesn’t help that mouse spiders and redbacks love kids play equipment. Have some peace of mind and protect your family.

Remember Gil, choose a family owned Pest Control company, like Pest Alert, to get the best value for your money. Your money stays in the region and not overseas.

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  • Gilgandra Termites Control
  • Gilgandra Spiders Control
  • Gilgandra Rodents Control
  • Gilgandra Ants Control
  • Gilgandra Fleas Control
  • Gilgandra Cockroaches Control
  • Gilgandra Bed-bugs Control