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Pest Alert is your first choice when it comes to quality Singleton pest control. We’re proud to be a third generation pest management family, positioning ourselves as the leading Singleton pest service.

Whether your Singleton pest control requirements are in your home, business, property or otherwise, you can rely on our technicians. Our experts are fully licensed in both termites and general pest control. Our standard of training is second to none, going above an beyond industry guidelines.

Termites are a real problem not only Singleton but the whole Hunter region of NSW. Colonies work 24hrs a day, and without obvious signs of infestation, the damage could already be devastating. That’s why you need experts like Pest Alert. Our technicians know what signs to look for and carry out the best detection methods. Early detection is key! Regular inspections (typically every 12 months, depends on circumstances) are highly recommend.

Spiders are especially problematic if you have children or pets. Play equipment, kennels, sheds, garages, sub-floors, roof voids and other nooks and crannies in your home could be harbouring deadly spiders like the Funnel Web or Red Back. A spider treatment not only ensures your families safety it will provide you peace of mind.

Filthy rodents, such as Rats & mice are one of the worst disease carriers in the world. Toss the weak supermarket treatments, and go with the eradication experts at Pest Alert. We have end game solutions for rodents, not only do we use the best treatments – our prevention knowledge will secure your homes cleanliness down the road.

When planning on the building of your home, you must take into account a pre-construction pest treatment. The old adage “prevention is better than the cure” rings true here. Putting in anti-termite protections in from the ground up is your homes best defence. If however, your buying an existing home, a pre-purchase pest inspection is what you will need. Too many people rush into purchases only to find out they just bought their own personal termite army, going about it’s business destroying the structural stability of their home. We can’t stress the importance of a pre-purchase pest inspection, they have saved buyers tens of thousands of potential repair bills.

Ants? Bed Bugs? Wasps? Easy. We’re your go to pesties for Singleton pest control!

  • Singleton Termites Control
  • Singleton Spiders Control
  • Singleton Rodents Control
  • Singleton Ants Control
  • Singleton Fleas Control
  • Singleton Cockroaches Control
  • Singleton Bed-bugs Control

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