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We’re the Newcastle Pest Control experts! Call Pest Alert for all your Termite Management and general pest requirements, including Spider Control.

We’re passionate about our work and committed to providing property owners and managers effective treatments and Newcastle pest control solutions. No problem is too big or small, if you’re worried just call our friendly team.

Termites wreak havoc throughout the Newcastle and Hunter valley regions. Repair bills to houses we’ve found termites in have run up to the tens of thousands of dollars, causing financial and emotional stress to homeowners. Early detection is key, as treatments from a quality Newcastle Pest Control firm such as Pest Alert can be very effective. We recommend termite inspections for non-active houses every 12 months.

Spiders Control is also a speciality of ours. Some of the deadliest spiders in the world are in Newcastle homes and backyards. We highly recommend treatments around or before Summer, especially if you have children or pets. Supermarket control products just don’t cut, let our highly trained and licensed experts treat your home and don’t worry, the products we use are pet safe.

Are you building your home or other construction project in the Newcastle area? The quality of our Newcastle pre-construction pest treatments is second to none. We pride ourselves on providing the leading solutions and methods giving owners peace of mind. Pre-purchase pest inspections are just as important when buying an existing home or building. Dont’ leave such as important task to amateur technicians, call upon experts such as Pest Alert. Our technicians have the experience and know how to find problems, potentially saving you thousands of dollars and heartbreak down the road.

Rats & Mice are another prevalent pest in Newcastle. Due to the abundance of water and food sources, filthy rodents are widespread. They’re one of the worlds worst disease carriers and they just love to gnaw on your electrical wiring in walls potentially causing fires. You don’t have to put up with sharing your home rats and mice, our solutions are effective! Stop them contaminating your food and defecating everywhere – call our Pest Alert technicians who’ll provide not only treatments but tips and tricks on preventing further infestation.

  • Newcastle Termites Control
  • Newcastle Spiders Control
  • Newcastle Rodents Control
  • Newcastle Ants Control
  • Newcastle Fleas Control
  • Newcastle Cockroaches Control
  • Newcastle Bed-bugs Control

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