Rats! Mice! 3 Things They Love About Your House.

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Posted March 24, 2017 by Sarah Malone
Category: Rodents

ratRodents don’t just roam where ever they please, they are driven by their basic needs:

Your home supports these 3 things so it is no surprise that they decide to become your new house mate. Rodents breed rapidly and can cause damage to your furniture, wiring and cabling etc. They can also carry many known diseases, so it is important to try make your home less appealing for these little visitors.

Certain property layouts or surrounding environments can make it more attractive to rats and mice.

Hidden Entry Points

Mice and rats are skilled acrobats and climbers; they will find a way in through some of the most difficult areas anywhere from a high opening on a 2 meter wall to a small hole under your house.

Some of the more common areas that rodents enter your home include:

After they have entered your home they will search for a secluded area that they can access food, normally around the kitchen area or behind kitchen appliances such as the rear of a warm refrigerator. Mice will collect newspapers and other paper sources suitable to build their nests in these areas.

How to help prevent rodents from entering your home:

Signs that rodents may be already hiding in your home

Heavy moment along a particular area such as skirting boards and cupboards will start to show smear marks or oily streaks from the rodent’s greasy fur continually rubbing along their common pathways. You may start to notice their droppings or urine marks from where they are marking their territory or communicating with other members of their group. Another obvious sign is areas in which they have started to gnaw or cables which have been eaten through. This can be a common fire hazard if these cables are active and left exposed. You may also hear them moving above you as you lay in bed at night.

What to do once mice have entered your home

Rodents can live from 1 year to 18 months if the conditions are favourable and can multiply very quickly in these desired environments. If you notice that mice may be in your home, there are various things you can try:


Things that go bump in the night:

For more information on the types of rodents found in our area see our page on rodents.