How to Choose a Rodent Company

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Posted January 20, 2021 by Sarah Malone
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No one likes the idea of being kept up late at night by a scratching sound in their wall or roof, or to be sitting on the lounge and watching a mouse run out from behind the TV unit. Both of these are a very common occurrence in our area at the moment. This is due to the recent wet weather and the abundance in vegetation and possible food source for rats and mice.

Mouse Plague
Mouse Plague
Once you see a mouse in your house it is very important to act quickly and find the best type of rodent control to stop them from breeding up in your home.

With the internet at our finger tips its easy to start searching online for the best way to get rid of the rats and mice in your house and at the cheapest way possible. However, while there are many ways to stop rodents from entering your home, the best way to guarantee success is to have an expert take care of your problem. Here are a few ways to help select the best rodent treatment for your property.

To first figure out if you have any signs of rats and mice in your house check out our blog about the 3 signs you have rodents.

What are you paying for in a rodent treatment?

There are two things to consider when selecting a professional pest control company to treat the rodents in your home: Materials and Labour. By understanding what is involved you are able to determine which company will be most effective.


When eradicating rodents from a home it is important that your professional pest controller understands the basic patterns of the rats and mice to help place the baits or traps in the most effective position.

Rodents are highly intelligent and can detect if something is amiss. It could be from something small like the petrol on your hands after mowing the lawn and the bait you put down doesn’t smell right now or they have noticed that the other rodents around them are getting sick after eating the bait left for them. It can also be the placement of your trap is not placed in the best spot to catch them as they are running past or going to eat the food left to lure them in.

By paying a professional, you are ensuring that the bait and traps will be placed in the most attractive and correct positions to lure the rats and mice. They can also walk around your property to point out areas in which the rodents could be entering your building. This will assist in blocking those areas up and stop them from coming in.

Depending on the severity of the infestation treating rodents can be a long process or if you live near paddocks, industrial areas or building sites it can be an ongoing battle and can mean ongoing costs. Generally, if someone gives you a quote that seems too good to be true it may not be effective on the long-term basis.


What exactly are you paying for when having your property treated for rodents? It is important to know what to expect from your treatment and if there is anything you as a home owner need to do to help make the treatment as successful as possible.

Some materials which may be included are:

You are paying the pest control company to use quality materials and for their knowledge on where to place the traps and bait to ensure that your pets and family stay as safe as possible.

Most baits available at your local hardware stores can be toxic to kids and pets so by having the professional assess the property you are using their knowledge to fix the problem as safe as possible.

If you notice rodents in your home it is very important to act quickly and properly to stop them from breeding up in your roof.

Ask yourself when you are selecting a company what is being lost for the cheaper price? The labour or the materials? The cheapest quote is not always the most effective.

No matter which company you go with or if you treat the rodents yourself you need to ensure that bait is never left out in the open or in places that children and pets can get to it.

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