How do I rodent proof my house?

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Posted February 16, 2021 by Sarah Malone
Category: Rodents

Yes, Dubbo and Wellington have a plague at the moment.. but rodent proofing your property is essential, regardless of where you live and whether your house is new or old. Rats and mice are capable of entering virtually any property, so it’s vital to take preventative measures. While an infestation can be treated, preventative action can prevent one from occurring and save you time, money, and worry.

Laser Rat

Identify Risk Areas

Some places in your home are more likely to attract rodents, so these are certainly the locations you’ll want to focus on when you’re rodent proofing your property. Many people are surprised to learn that roof voids are a prime spot for rats and mice. However, the warm temperature means an attic is an ideal place for them to nest, so look out for droppings and signs of infestations. Similarly, garages also provide great accommodation for rodents, as they’re protected from the elements and largely undisturbed, while the presence of food makes your kitchen a prime spot too.

Change Storage Methods

How you store items in and outside your home can have a big impact on how likely a rodent infestation is. Dry food, including birdseed and pet food, should always be stored in closed containers. Choose glass, metal, or strong plastic containers, as thin plastic or paper can easily be gnawed through.

Maintain Your Garden

If your lawn is overgrown or shrubs are left unpruned, it won’t take long for your garden to become a rat run. By keeping outdoor space well-maintained, you can ensure there are no hiding spots for rodents to nest and reduce the risk of an infestation occurring.

Sometimes despite doing all the above, especially during this plague at the moment, mice and rats still want to share your home. In this scenario it’s best to call the professionals like us in, (02) 6884 7557.