What does a pest control technician do?

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Posted April 1, 2021 by Sarah Malone
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Firefighters putting out cockroach fire

Whether you’re exploring possible career options or you’re thinking of hiring a technician to treat your property, you’ll want to know exactly what a pest control professional does. As you might expect, the main role of a pest control technician is to identify and treat pest infestations. However, there’s a lot more to the job than you might imagine.


Before you can begin working as a pest control technician, you must undergo specialised training. All technicians must learn how to use pesticides safely, for example. Most courses are done through TAFE. Once the course is completed you can then apply for a licence, meaning you have to fulfil strict legislative, regulatory and certification requirements.


As well as formal study requirements, pest control technicians must undertake practical training as part of their course. This often involves working alongside an experienced technician to gain additional skills and knowledge. By learning from another professional, trainee technicians can apply their knowledge to real-life situations and gain invaluable skills. At Pest Alert, three generations of our family have passed down that knowledge along with a drive to keep improving. In fact in the TAFE approved textbook, it mentions the Bonney family name as one of the pioneers for Pest Control in Australia. There’s a reason we have an amazing record with termite control.

What Does an Average Day Involve?

For a pest control technician, no two days are the same. When it comes to what’s involved, pest control technicians spend their time assessing properties, identifying potential risk factors, diagnosing existing problems, determining which treatments are most suitable, and removing pests from homes and businesses.

Whether a pest control technician works alone or for a major company, they spend their time visiting client sites in order to deal with the problem first-hand. In addition to this, pest control technicians also provide important advice to owners that helps to keep properties safe, hygienic, and pest-free.

One morning a “pestie” can be termite proofing a brand new house slab, that afternoon they can be walking through your roof void looking for termite damage and treating rodents.

If you have a good work ethic and take pride in what you do, maybe Pest Control is for you.