Six Winter Pest Control tips for your home

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Posted May 4, 2019 by Sarah Malone
Category: Advice

Pest Alert is far busier in Summer, yet pests are active all year round. Why is that the case? Because you’re more likely to see them! Just like you and I, Pests during winter like to hide and find warm locations to hang out. Prevention is better than a cure, so grab a glass of Mudgee red and read the below tips for pest prevention in winter:

If I can't see the Spider, it doesn't exist, right?

1) Roof Void
Make sure you don’t have any leaks and that the ventilation is clear of any blockages. Pests love damp hiding spots. Dry and well ventilated is the key to a pest free roof void.

2) Book us in for a treatment
Don’t make your home a good hiding spot, we have effective, proven barrier treatments that will make your home the last place pests want to be.

3) Food
Clean and organised food storage areas are a must. The ultimate way to stop pests such as rats and mice is by utilising plastic food storage containers. They have no problem getting through bread bags and cereal containers, so convert them over. Also, any excess or spilled food should be cleaned and not left as a gift for your unwanted guests!

4) Mulch
Clean up leaf matter as soon as possible. Don’t let it build up and decompose on your lawn. This is super important if the leaf matter is close to your house or other permanent structures.

5) Leaking Pipes
As mentioned earlier, damps areas are the equivalent of setting up a pest paradise. Cockroaches thrive under leaking sinks and pipes. Check everywhere for leaks or built up moisture. The kitchen, bathroom, laundry, even outside taps on your house. If you find any issues, be sure to call a plumber.

6) Firewood
Keep firewood as high up off the ground and as far away possible from your house. Firewood on the ground is a golden ticket to termites (aka White Ants). Don’t store the timber in a wooden box either, you’re just giving them a free entrée!

Hopefully you have no issues carrying out the above tips for preventing pests over winter. We look forward to helping you with any future Pest Control needs. May the 4th be with you, always, your local Pest Alert team.