Prevent Unwanted Pests Before Christmas!

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Posted November 15, 2021 by Sarah Malone
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As it the temperature rises so does the population of summer pests, bugs and insects around your home.

This could be as there is more food available from blooming trees and plants and the warmth creates the perfect breeding conditions for the insects to thrive both in and outside your house. This creates more of a pest season rather than the festive season.

Some of the more common summer pests are:

Australia has a large population of ants which seem to go crazy in summer time.

Ants are always looking for food for their colony and will venture inside and make their way into any unsealed packages.

To help stop them ensure that you have no open water and food sources inviting them in and keep all bins sealed and surfaces clean.

Cockroaches are active all year around.

As it heats up it becomes the best condition for their breeding cycle and can rapidly develop from a few cockroaches to a full infestation.

The heat of summer helps fleas breed quickly from Larvae to maturity much faster then in the cold winter months.

They are easily spread to your home by pets and animals and are sometimes hard to spot.

It is important to act quickly if you notice any itching or bites.

One of the most annoying summer pests in Australia are flies. They will eat almost anything which makes them even more dangerous to humans.

They are known for carrying germs and bacteria from one food source to the next which may just be your next meal.

These annoying pests are known as one of the most dangerous insects in the world.

They carry multiple diseases just as Malaria, Dengue fever and the Zika Virus.

They are known to breed up in open water sources rapidly and will then feed on animals and humans.

It is important to never leave water out for them to breed in.

Possums love the warmth and security of roof voids and patios to build nests to breed and although they are not poisonous, they do create a mess with their droppings and will attack if they feel threatened.

What to do to Prepare for summer pests:

Just because the insects are increasing doesn’t mean you can’t have your annual Christmas BBQ, go hiking or camping. With the right preparation you can prevent the overrun of pests on your property.

By having your house treated and implementing the right cleaning and storage routines you can ensure that the bug problem never gets out of hand at your house and also protects your family from bites and infections.

Check out our other blogs on various pests and call Pest Alert now to discuss any of your pest concerns and to see how best to protect your home this summer.