Professional Pest Control Vs DIY Pest Control

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Posted April 23, 2018 by Sarah Malone
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Should you DIY or call a Professional?

Owning your own home or even renting can add up when it comes to maintenance and general repairs around the building. With the help of many hardware stores and internet sources most people prefer to do it themselves. I am one of them, arranging on weekends to fix that dripping tap, painting that room which is looking dated or even just general yard care. However, some do it yourself jobs can be better left to the professionals. When changing wiring or high to reach places it is best to hire a trained professional who has the adequate tools to complete the job.

In our profession we have witnessed many people opting to a do-it-yourself pest treatment from chemicals and sprays found at your local stores. In some situtations these can be quite effective such as when you have a few flies or ants around but when you are concerned that you may have termites (white ants), a spider infestation or even fleas and bed bugs it is best to call the professionals who can treat your home properly and help protect your family, pets and investments.

Why should you call the professionals?



You don’t have to wait around for a tradie to arrive, you can just stop into the local hardware store and do it when you have time.


It can be hard to find a Pest Controller you trust and to arrange a suitable time to have your treatment carried out which won’t affect work, kids or pets. Most Professionals will work with you to select the best time and will take the hassle out of finding time on your weekends to carry out the work yourself, leaving you with more free time to do more enjoyable activities.



Small pest problems are easy to treat from store bought chemicals however if you have a big home or a large infestation, using these products can be more difficult on the bigger scale and some pests have been found to adapt or avoid the products used. For example, some rodent baits are a slow acting and the rodents will stop eating the bait left out as they know it is making them sick.


Pest Control companies are completely up to date with all modern chemicals and procedures which means a quick effective treatment.



Purchasing the products and treating your home yourself is most of the time less expensive than hiring a Pest Control company to carry out the work.


In some cases, people find that the in-store pesticides are not as effective when treating the pests themselves. This then leads to having the added expense of buying more products to achieve the desired result or even finding that their infestation will grow larger. A larger infestation could also cause more damage to your property to be fixed after the pest has been eliminated. By having a Professional carry out the initial treatment you can save money in the long run if the treatment doesn’t go to plan.



Products have all the information you need on the label and if it’s not there, google can help you. However, it’s very important to follow the instructions exactly as it is listed for that product.


A professionally trained Pest Technician will be able to identify your pest problem and know the best up to date treatment. They are also able to assist with any questions you might have. They can help prevent a re-infestation and be able to give more personal advice than what you will find on a label.



All chemicals come with risk. Without full knowledge of the products you are using can put your family and pets in harms way. It is not our job to scare you into not doing a treatment by a professional but it is important that you understand all of the instructions and follow all directions on the labels.

Ensure you always keep chemicals and pesticides out of reach of pets and children.


When hiring an experienced Pest Technician, you are removing most risk from yourself. It is the Technicians job to ensure there is no risk to your family from the treatment they are carrying or from the infestation you have hired them to eliminate. Ensure you always read all paperwork provided and know exactly what to expect from your treatment.



Some products will come with a return policy. Check with your local store or on the label of the product for more information.


Ask about the companies polices before arranging to having a treatment carried out. Is there a charge if the treatment isn’t effective? Also ask around for others experiences with your chosen Pest Control Company, were they happy with their service and would they recommend them for you.


When deciding if to approach treating your home yourself consider the pros and cons above. For small infestations a DYI can be an easy way to go however for the larger infestations or a continuing pest problem sometimes it is best to save your time, hassle and in some cases extra money and call the Professionals.

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