I have a clean house! Why do I still get Cockroaches?

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Posted March 16, 2017 by Sarah Malone
Category: Cockroaches

CockroachA cockroach infestation does not mean you have a dirty home. Cockroaches are skilled sneaky hitchhikers, they will use luggage, briefcases, pot plants, parcels and post items to enter your home. They will also travel through open doorways and pipes to come inside. Once inside they will find a well-hidden hard to reach place to make home.

Although certain conditions will make your home more favourable and can cause rapid breeding once they have entered your home if they like their new surroundings.

Cockroaches are fantastic at hiding. Knowing where they prefer to find shelter and where they seek out food will help you in preventing them from moving in.

Cockroaches prefer to live in the smallest of cavities, behind fridges and other dark places preferring to come out at night.

Although a cockroach doesn’t bite they can cause a lot of health risks and it is highly important that you treat the problem if you find them lurking around your home.

If you think you have cockroaches, don’t panic there are things you can do!

If you are still having trouble removing these unwanted visitors call the professionals at Pest Alert. Our technicians are highly trained to treat the various cockroach lifecycles and can work with you to remove the problem.