How Often to Treat for the Control of General Pests

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Posted May 15, 2018 by Sarah Malone
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Dubbo Spider TreatmentsTermites, Spiders, Ants, Rodents and Cockroaches can be the most common pests to plague Australian households and knowing how to keep control over these invading pests isn’t always easy.

That is why we have compiled this list to help simplify your pest control needs and to help fit it into days busy schedules.

Termite Control

1-2 Inspections Recommended Yearly

Some areas have higher than usual termite activity which requires more attention but generally a yearly inspection is recommended. As some termite treatments can cost into the thousands, it is advised to have an inspection carried out to make sure there are no hidden surprises. This is also to see if there are any things around the property that you can do to make your home less attractive to termite attack which can save you money. After this inspection is carried out you then have the option to consider preventative treatments or just to continue with annual inspections and to treat the termites if they are present.

Spider Control

Recommended Every 10-12 Months

A common question we get asked is when’s the best time to treat spiders? It really is up to the individual. Some clients never want to see spiders, so it is best to do the treatment just before it starts to warm up again, where as other clients like to see the spiders dying to ensure the treatment is working and is best to have the treatment carried out once the weather is warmer. It really is up to what your preference is, most treatments should last around 10-12 months depending on the weather and your cleaning habits. High, heavy rain can weaken the spider barrier as well as high pressure hosing around the window sills and eaves of your home. Having your home treated for spiders does not mean you will never see a spider again, it reduces the spider population and helps control them around your property.

Ant Control

Recommended As You See Them

Ants are one of the harder pests the treat due to their quick breeding patterns and that their nests are often hidden. A general spider treatment will assist in deterring them from entering your home however some are more persistent and may need a specialised treatment. Depending on where you locate the ants will determine the type of treatment required. We Recommend that if you are finding ants to contact your Pest Controller to arrange an ant treatment. If found inside they will use gels and surface sprays to treat the infected areas or if you have located the nest outside they may use a direct nest treatment instead.

Rodent Control

Recommended Just Before Colder Months

Rodents can be a common problem through out the year however most homes notice a higher than usual increase as the weather starts to cool down. When living in town having a rodent treatment carried out once a year is normally enough but if you are near industrial areas, paddocks or new development areas you may notice a higher than usual rodent infestation in your home and is best to have a treatment carried out more regularly.

Cockroach Control

Recommended As You See Them As Some Infestations Require Follow Up Treatments

Cockroach control can be another difficult pest to treat as it is one in which you have to work with the Pest Controller to achieve the best result. To help eliminate the cockroach population in your home you need to remove their needs by ensuring that you never leave food and water sources available and reduce the hiding spots. A Pest Controller will apply a range of chemical options which will treat the current cockroach population as well as apply a barrier to help reduce the chances of re-infestations. However, if you continue to provide a favorable environment for them they will return and further treatments will be required.

Depending on your needs and where you live we can make a plan of when is best to treat your home for pests. The more visits you have can make your treatments more expensive so call now to arrange an all in one Pest Package which will protect your home and family.

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