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Posted October 26, 2016 by Sarah Malone
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Termite Detouring in a HomeFound Termites? DONT TOUCH THEM! It is best to call the professional to arrange a termite inspection to be carried out.

What to expect during an inspection?
Your technician will inspect all accessible areas of the building which include subfloor area (if accessible) roof void, interior, exterior, garden areas and fences within 50 meters of the building.
A pest controller reports back with possible termite activity, termite damage and also anything around the property that could attract termites.

What happens after an Inspection is carried out?
If no termites are found: As a home owner you can decide if to have a preventative termite barrier applied or have regular inspections carried out to ensure early detection should termites attack at a later date.

Some preventative termite barriers include

What to do when termites are found?
Unfortunately termite management is an ongoing process. Termites are part of our environment and we as home owners can unknowingly encourage termites to enter our properties. There is no single and permanent termite solution and there are many different types of treatments available to help all different types of homes. Pest controllers will give you a list of types and you can pick the one that best suits you.

Termites in the Walls

Termites in a client’s walls

Some of the more common treatments can include:

Whichever treatment you chose has limitations and it is important to discuss these with your pest controller and always have regular inspections carried out to prevent future termite attack.

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