Cockroach Populations are Booming in Our Area!

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Posted January 31, 2018 by Sarah Malone
Category: Cockroaches

Feeling hot, sweaty and uncomfortable due to our recent weather conditions?

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Well unfortunately the cockroaches in Australia have been loving it! The hot humid temperatures our area has been receiving has been the ultimate breeding environment for cockroaches which has increased their population in our homes.

Recently printed in The Daily Telegraph it shows how the cockroach infestations have boomed due to the weather. We have also noticed a higher than usual call rate for people in need of help when battling cockroaches in their homes.

Regrettably the bad news doesn’t end there. With a higher cockroach population means a large food source for spiders and other creepy crawlies.

It is extremely important to ensure you are putting all precautions into place to ensure your home doesn’t become a breeding ground or make it more inviting for other unwanted pests to enter your home.

Make sure that you never leave food out over night and clean up all waste; this means making sure your bin lid seals properly.

Wipe down benches and stove tops.

Keep Windows and doors closed to stop flying insects and other bugs from entering your home seeking shade, food or water.

Reduce any water sources that also may attract bugs.

If you are still having problems call our Trained Pest Technicians who can identify the type of cockroach entering your property and who can carry out the appropriate treatment to take back your property from these home invaders. As cockroaches have different life cycles it is important to treat cockroaches with a range of different types of treatments such as gels, sprays and dusts to help reduce the chances of re-infestations to occur.

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Contact our Pest Alert team who can help with any more information and advice.