Spring Cleaning – How to start the season bug free!

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Posted August 15, 2023 by Sarah Malone
Category: Advice

As we notice the warmer weather approaching, we all start heading back outdoors to enjoy the lively and vibrant season of spring. With flowers blooming, the warm sun and gardens coming back to life makes it very inviting to be outside. However, along with all these beautiful changes spring also brings the uninvited insects! Pest alert has put together some tips to help you start preparing for a bug-free spring around your property. We have a few ideas from preventative measures to eco-friendly solutions.

1. Seal off entry points

One of the best places to start to protect your home against insects is to seal of possible entry points. Have a look around the doors, windows and any other openings for cracks, holes and gaps. Create a physical barrier by using weather strips, caulk or mesh to help keep the insects out. Remember some insects are tiny and only need the smallest of gap to get in so thoroughness is the key.

2. Declutter and Clean

Insects love mess, it gives them a safe place to hide and make home so embrace the spirit of spring cleaning and clear out any areas that have become a dumping ground over winter. Some areas usually include, roof voids, garages and sheds. Make sure to regularly clean these areas and vacuum or sweep floors ensuring that you don’t forget any corners and cracks where insects may be hiding. By removing these hiding spots, you will notice a huge different in hidden breeding spots.

3. Maintain your yard

How well maintained an outside area is, is just as important to win the battle against insects. Trim vegetation such as trees, bushes and shrubs away from the exterior of your home which help reduce the chance of them finding a hidden way into your home. Never leave standing water sources around. Mosquitos and other insects love these and will move in very quickly. For a more natural approach you can also consider planting bug-repelling plants such as mint, marigolds and lavender.

4. Remove food and waste when no longer needed

Bugs are always love when we leave out food or unsealed waste. It gives them something to eat and hide. Never leave pet food out overnight and keep all other foods in air tight containers. Regularly empty trash bins and make sure all bins have tight fitting lids. By doing these simple things you will help make your home less appealing to insects.

5. Natural insect repellents

A lot of people are concerned with the amounts of chemicals around their homes and families and there are still other things you can try to prevent insects from moving in. Consider using natural bug repellents such as citronella candles and some essential oils have been shown to help such as lemon, eucalyptus and lavender and also vinegar based sprays. Some find these methods very effective and also come with the piece of mind that it is safer for your family, pets and the environment.

6. Professional Pest Control

Some properties are more prone to insect attack and require a little extra help to control the pests around their homes. This is where we can help. Pest Alert have the knowledge, tools and experience to identify issues that may be attracting insects to your home and can provide targeted treatments which are tailored to your situation.

So as spring unfolds across Australia make sure that bugs don’t spoil your fun and use these proactive steps to keep them at bay. Seal entry points, declutter and tidy up yards and other outdoor areas, secure all food and wastes and use different repellents whether it be natural or by the professionals and you will be well-equipped to embrace the season with your loved ones.

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