10 Termite mistakes home owners make

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Posted October 9, 2019 by Sarah Malone
Category: Termites

Renovations are very common for most households but are you aware of the common mistakes you may be doing that could make your home more attractive for termites?

Recent photo by one of our technicians

Here are a few of the more common mistakes Pest Controllers come across:

10: Utilities repairs

When having repairs carried out to your electrical, plumbing and gas lines you may be disturbing the liquid barrier applied upon construction of your house.

If you have a baiting and monitoring program around your house this won’t be an issue however it is important to be aware of what termite protection has been installed around the building.

9: Excessive mulching around your home and in gardens

Built up gardens, soils and mulch around the exterior of the house can be a termite heaven as it provides termites with moisture and hidden access into the building.

8: Digging around your house slab and foundations

Most houses have an exterior liquid barrier applied to help protect against termite attack but this barrier can easily be disturbed when installing new irrigation, paths and gardens.

It is recommended to have this barrier re-applied after the digging is completed to ensure future termite protection.

7: Not removing old stumps

When removing trees and shrubs it is important to remove the whole plant to stop them from becoming potential new homes for nearby termites or for them to be used as food along the way into your home.

6: Storing fire wood close to the house

Again fire wood is similar to having old stumps around the house and can attract termites by providing them with a food source close to the house.

When stacking items against the house it can also provide hidden access points into the building.

5: Purchasing DIY (do-it-yourself) products to treat termites yourself

Termite protection can be costly and when attempting to treat termites yourself if not done correctly can leave your home unprotected and will cost a lot more in repairs.

It is not uncommon for some products available online to be contaminated and not as attractive to the termites around your house.

4: Having untreated wooden materials close to the house

When installing untreated wooden fences, edging, posts or items like wine barrel etc in the garden is like laying out a snack for termites when they are wondering through the yard.

If installing wooden structures, it is important to ensure they are treated so you dont to help attract termites closer to the building.

3: Building additions to the house without proper termite protection

If deciding to add extra space onto your home, ensure that it comes with the correct termite protection. When laying a concrete slab make sure your concreter applies a termite barrier under the slab. If on piers that ant caps are used.

2: Not protecting wooden structures in contact with the soil

If you have a decking, verandah or other wooden structures directly in contact with the soil you are asking for the termites to come right in. Always use treated timbers or apply a barrier to prevent termites from sneaking into your house.

1: Not having a termite inspection carried out by a termite professional

Termites can be hard to detect when you’re not sure what to look for. It is highly recommended to have a termite inspection carried out by a termite technician at least once a year to make sure you have no hidden surprises. These inspections can also give you tips on what you can do as a home owner to help protect your house against termite attack.

For further information about termite control please see our termite page or call our office on 02 6884 7557 and speak to our technicians.