OH NO! Stop the Reno’s, I have found Termites!

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Posted July 22, 2021 by Sarah Malone
Category: Termites

Finally found the time and money to start renovations on the kitchen, bathroom or even adding additional rooms to your home only to find termites hiding in the walls? This is a common problem we come across here at Pest Alert.

The big question is what to do now. Should you just keep going and finish the renovations and then deal with the termite problem or should you get rid of the termites before they damage all your new timbers.

 Unfortunately, it’s not just old homes that can suffer from termite attack. The CSIRO reports that 1 in 5 houses can experience termite issues within the first 5 years since construction.

As most homes are constructed using timber and timber components, they make the perfect feeding ground for termites and most homes will suffer with termite attack at some point. When left unnoticed termites can cause damage throughout your home in areas such as walls, frame, roof timbers and piers under the house and depending on how soon they are discovered is how extensive the damage may be.

Too often when termites are finally discovered eating away in your home, they have already caused a lot of damage. This is because termites love the dark quiet places where they won’t be disturbed and can go for years without being noticed.

It is for this reason why most termite activity is discovered when you start your renovations. Once you remove the wall or doorframe it leaves them exposed and you can see how busy they have been while you were unaware.

I have found Termites! Now what do I do?

As soon as you find termites it is very important to stop working straight away and call a termite qualified pest control company. When you want to keep working this can be very frustrating however if you disturb the termites, it will cause them to retreat and possibly find another place to eat in peace. It is also very important not to treat the termites yourself. From here you should try to find out how much damage has been caused and locate where they have entered the building.

When calling a termite specialist like Pest Alert we are able to come out and assess how bad the infestation is. We can carry out a termite inspection to ensure they are not hiding any where else that you aren’t aware of yet and also can let you know the most effective way to treat the termites found so that no further damage is caused to your property.

Unfortunately, while termites are being treated it is best that you stop all repairs and renovations. This will ensure that the termites do not spread to other areas and that the termite treatment will be effective. We can then work with your builder and let them know when its safe to proceed with the renovations as soon as possible.

If you have recently started renovating your home and found termites or a suspicious area that you need to have looked at quickly. Contact our office to arrange for one of our qualified technicians to have look and provide a free quote and advice.