Pantry Moths!

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Posted September 22, 2020 by Sarah Malone
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How to get rid of them and stop them from coming back

Nothing will turn you off your food quicker than finding a bug in it.

Bugs are known to carry around bacteria and diseases and can also just be disgusting to find but anyone who has had pantry moths know exactly how sneaky and persistent they really can be.

Pantry moths get their name as they are found mainly in the kitchen or areas where grain is stored and the most common types found are the Indian Meal Moth and The Mediterranean Flour Moth.

It started off just one moth. No problem, we can just get rid of it and the problem is gone. However beware, when there is one moth there is usually more hiding close by. By the time you have only seen that one, chances are you already have an infestation. Once the adult moth is visible, they have already started laying eggs and their larvae are eating away on your things, getting ready to lay eggs of their own.

What to Do Now?

Seal all dry goods

Open and uncovered foods in your pantry is putting an open for business sign out and inviting them in to feed. Ensure that all your dry goods are in sealed containers with tight-fitting lids. Pantry moths generally come into the house with new food from the store, so by having the rest of your food products properly sealed you can help prevent the spread throughout the whole pantry.

How to Get rid of Moths

Follow these Dos and Don’ts steps to help eliminate the infestation in your home.

Pest Alert also has a few products available to help make this task more successful including surface sprays once the area has been cleaned and pheromone traps to help break the breeding cycle.

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